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To assess and thereby track the change in bodily functions of participants, the participants are asked to complete an in-person physical assessment at the baseline, the one-year follow up, and two-year follow up of the study. The activities completed by the participants include but are not limited to: Timed-Up-and-Go usual and fast pace, Time-Up-and-Go cognitive usual pace, 5x-Chair Stand, Single Leg Stance, Gait Speed Test, and Handgrip Strength Test.

Show in the pictures above, the researcher is providing instructions for the spirometer test to the participant. This test is used to assess how well the participant’s lungs work by measuring how much air they inhale, how much they exhale, and how quickly they exhale.

The 5X-Chair Stand Test (left) and the Single Leg Stance Test (right) shown in the pictures above ask the participants to stand up and sit down on a chair 5 times as fast as possible and to stand on one leg as long as possible, respectively. The 5X-Chair Stand Test measures the participant’s balance while the Single Leg Stance Test measures the participant’s lower body strength and balance.

The participant is also asked to complete a Vision Test (left) and Handgrip Strength Test (right) in addition to the spirometer test.

The gait speed measured from various walking tests provide valuable information with regard to the mobility of the participants. Shown in the pictures above are the participant completing the 400 meters Walking Test on 2rd floor of McMaster Innovation Park.

At the end, the participant will complete a serious of RedCAP surveys that collects their demographic data. The data will not be shared with anyone without the participant’s consent as required by law. All confidential personal information will be removed from the data and will be replaced with a number.