About Us

MacM3 focuses on research in mobility, technology and aging. We collaborate with teams from multiple different disciplines including; rehabilitation science, engineering, computational statistics, geography and earth science, and humanities.

The overall goal of our program of research is to improve, through the use of advanced technologies, the identification and assessment of early mobility limitation at the individual, home, and community level among older Canadians. Our specific aims are:

  1. To explore the conceptualization of early mobility limitation from the perspective of a diverse group of stakeholders (older adults, health providers, researchers) with the aim of developing a more comprehensive definition and corresponding operationalization for subsequent stages of research;
  2. To determine the model and variables that predict the onset and progression of early mobility limitation in older Canadians;
  3. To examine differences in how older adults with differing levels of early mobility limitation move within their homes and community environments;
  4. To begin the development of a prototype for a mobility self-monitoring tool for older adults and their caregivers.

See the ‘Our Research’ tab for more detailed descriptions of our ongoing projects.

Our study vision: