Stephanie Civiero

Stephanie is an undergraduate student going into her fourth year of Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University with interests in biomechanics and bio-interface design. She is interested in all things related to anatomy and human movement. Stephanie has enjoyed her experience being able to apply her knowledge of engineering devices like force plates and load cells to the rehabilitation world during the design and creation of the lean and release system. She is excited to continue her path in biomechanical studies with hopes of pursuing postgraduate biomedical engineering here at McMaster.

Cody Cooper

Cody graduated from McMaster University in 2019 with a degree in Mechatronics and Management Engineering. Cody works in the MacREAL lab on projects for Dr. Janie Wilson and Dr. Marla Beauchamp. His current projects have him writing code for various apps, setting up lab protocols and verifying devices. Cody enjoys writing software and working in jobs where he can further his software competencies. Outside of work, Cody is generally found playing floorball, soccer, softball, water polo or one of the many other sports that he organizes teams for. 

Adam Yu

Adam Yu is pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University. Adam has aspirations to become a physician but is still deciding on where he wants to land in the future. He is optimistic that technology can fundamentally improve people’s lives and that data privacy is our next biggest challenge.