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McMaster Monitoring My Mobility study (MacM3 for short) is the largest cohort study of its kind, tracking the everyday mobility and health trajectories of older Canadians. Our study aims to recruit 1,500 adults aged 65 and older and monitor their mobility for 24 months using an activity monitoring device called the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS.

Participants are invited to wear the TicWatch on their wrist for a 10-day period at baseline and then at four-month intervals, resulting in a total of seven data collection points. Click this link to learn about the watch and what it measures. Additionally, participants have the option to wear a second activity monitoring device called the ActiGraph on their thigh, alongside the wrist-worn device, following the same time and frequency pattern. Click this link to learn about the ActiGraph and what it measures.

The study will measure key outcomes such as life-space mobility, trip frequency, duration, and mode using the TicWatch GPS receiver. It will also assess sedentary behavior, including body posture and step counts, using the ActiGraph. This novel and interdisciplinary study aims to provide valuable insights into late-life mobility decline in Canada. Furthermore, it will lay the foundation for developing tools and strategies to help older adults and their caregivers self-manage their mobility as part of their overall health.

Our team is multidisciplinary, composed of researchers from various fields including Rehabilitation Science, Engineering, Computational Statistics, Humanities, Business, and Geography. To learn more about our team, please visit the ‘Our Team’ tab.” 

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